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Whale Wonder is a creative playspace that grows radical systems for a more human world. We teach "the art/science of doing things". We create incubators, provide educational experiences, consult, strategize and build partnerships to support entrepreneurs, artists, healers, activists and educators with launching and growing their radical projects and enterprises. 

Incubation & Collaboration

We turn ideas, goals and projects into thriving, sustainable enterprises. Some are ours, some are others'. 

Featured Radical Projects & Enterprises

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Strategy & Consulting

We support Radical Projects and Enterprises at any stage of maturity by developing the Entrepreneurial Resilience of all team members involved.

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We are also available for Speaking Engagements and In-Person or Virtual Workshops!

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Samia is an artist and Radical Entrepreneur. Samia is the founder/owner of Whale Wonder. Samia serves as a strategist, consultant, educator and creative director for Radical Entrepreneurs (healers, artists, activists, educators) dedicated to justice and balance. Samia enjoys all aspects of the creative process particularly in the areas of music/media, entrepreneurship, indigenous knowledge and radical health.


Chief Transformation Officer (CTO)

Ije is a coach and facilitator. She has worked with radical entrepreneurs for the last 10 years. Ije is also a wellness consultant for social justice organizations.