I am Music

Music is my first love. I am, first and foremost: Music. And whenever I've stated or believed otherwise, I was lying to myself. 

Stylistically and vocally, I’m exploring where Tarab meets Soul, and where the old sounds are re-born into the new. Tarab is an arabic concept that refers to soulful, deeply emotional and entrancing music -- sometimes connected to the spiritual. It is the closest to what is referred to as “Soul” music. Though anybody from any cultural experience can be soulful, Soul music, as a genre, is rooted in a Black aesthetic (and that is how I am choosing to use the term Soul). Both, Tarab and Soul have had a major impact on my music. They make up the DNA of my sound.

My creative process happens in series -- a family of songs that all come from a particular phase or experience (not necessarily an album but could be). I’ve come up with a few series over the years but have shared very little of my work publicly. I’m planning on unearthing old series and I’m in the process of creating new ones.

Instrumentally, I believe I’m a bass player -- even though I’ve never touched a bass (except for playing it a few times in dreams but that also goes for many other instruments). I get hooked on repetitive motifs and licks that hold my musical containers. In the physical world, I play the Oud (lute), some guitar, a few hand drums (Daf, Derbakkeh, Djembe) and the keys. I’m keen on learning other instruments like the Ngoni, Gimbri, Bass, Cello and Nay to name a few.

Music is the way I pray and heal myself. Music is the magic of our times and musicians are it’s magicians. Sound and music have always been used as medicine (not metaphorically, but literally). I’m exploring the medicinal application of sound from scientific and indigenous standpoints.

I’m on a  journey to discover new instruments and bring old rhythms/beats and melodic motifs back. One day, I'll create the proper containers that will help others heal as well.